Who We Are

Respect, Integrity and Community.

Stunts Canada is an organization that has celebrated over 40 years of excellence in the film and television industry. We have been involved in the execution of some of the most exciting action sequences ever captured on film.


As a group we are dedicated to providing productions with the safest, most cost-effective, and exciting action available. Our desire to stand among the world’s best action design teams drives us to constantly ‘push the envelope’, ‘think outside the box’ and ‘use the right tool for the job’.


Safety is our primary concern. We work hard to stay current, knowledgeable and organized so that we can provide outstanding action services.


Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, work and play. It’s natural beauty, various landscapes and diverse population make Canada an extremely sought after shooting location for many film productions.

We do our part to encourage filmmakers to choose Canada as their shooting location by ensuring that productions have an excellent selection of action services available, helping develop new stunt people to increase the breadth of the talent pool and supporting local film-service providers’ development of new techniques (such as 3D and CGI).


Every Stunts Canada member feels that we are all very fortunate to be able to work in the world of film and television, and we all feel it is necessary to give back.

Each year Stunts Canada donates to Virtue Foundation to help raise awareness for children who are physically, mentally or financially challenged. The Foundation has also participated in anti-drug abuse programs and youth education initiatives.

For more information: www.virtuestudioranch.com/foundation/

Our Skills

    Precision driving, drifts, burnouts, rolls, jumps, explosions – when the stakes are high, experience counts.
    Spectacular to watch, but where there’s fire you can get burned. Let our expertise reduce the risk on your set. www.fire4hire.com
    High falls require an expertise that not all performers have the stomach for. It is important to find both the right performer and the right tools for the job.
    The use of this equipment requires finesse on the part of both operator and performer. Our Stunt Coordinators can help you find that right mix.
    Fight choreography has become a refined story telling tool. Our knowledgeable fight choreographers will help you solidify your vision.
    Whether its a specialized aerial stunt or unique concept, our team can help take idea an from conception to execution safely and efficiently.
    Viewing an action sequence before the shooting day has become an extremely useful tool for defining ideas and saving time on the day of shooting. Through the internet, our team can provide a previs that can be viewed securely and quickly so that feedback can be given almost immediately (requires wifi or 3G network connection).


Our Executive Board

  • James Bamford

  • Marshall Virtue

  • Jeff Ong

  • Simon Burnett

  • Marny Eng

  • Dave Hospes

  • Gerald Paetz

Our History

Stunts Canada was founded in 1970 by Alex Green in Vancouver, B.C.
A transplanted Australian, Alex had always wanted to be a stuntman in the movies. At the time, Western Canada was experiencing what would be the beginning of a major industry.

A lifelong passionate learner, Alex realised that there was much to know about being a professional stuntman. He decided to go directly to the source for his knowledge, moving to Hollywood and spending a year there learning all the basics from the best stuntmen in the world. Yakima Canutt, Loren Janes and Gil Perkins taught him the trade in exchange for instruction from Alex in the bull whip and gun spinning, of which Alex was already a master.

With guidance from Alex’s main mentor in Hollywood, Loren Janes; the founder of the Stuntman’s Association of Motion Pictures, which was the first organized stunt group in the world, Alex saw what an asset an organized group of stunt professionals could be to a developing film industry.

He took the advice he received from the best stuntmen Hollywood had to offer, and combined it with his own core values: honesty, respect, integrity, loyalty, hard work and talent. Only those who were deemed to embody these qualities would become Stunts Canada members.

Today Stunts Canada has grown into a world class organization that has over 40 members who have worked on some of the most memorable and iconic film projects.

We continue to remember Alex and his legacy in our work on sets every day.

In the words of Alex Green, “Be good to each other, take care of each other and be safe out there”

Why choose us

Stunts Canada: Legacy of Excellence
For over 40 years, Stunts Canada has consistently brought top tier action to large and small budget film productions. We are passionate about our craft. We look forward to providing your film with the Action Services that best suit your production’s needs.


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