Representing nearly 5,000 of the most experienced and skilled Performers in the world, UBCP supplies professional actors, stunt people, singers, dancers, puppeteers, voices, background persons, and a multitude of other types of Performers, for every form of recorded media in existence.

Our expertise extends from feature films to TV, from radio commercials to animated voices, from internet based web-series to performance-capture.In every medium where performances are being recorded, you will find members of the Union of British Columbia Performers.


As the Union representing Performers, our number one goal is to create more good work opportunities for our members. By so doing, we ensure our exceptionally talented Performers will continue to provide the foundation that will carry a larger BC film, TV and digital media industry into the future.

Our united membership gives us the strength to contribute to making BC a bigger, more vibrant centre of production. We promote BC as a place to shoot. We work with our Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments to attract more production. We negotiate Agreements with Producers that respect the contributions of our Performers. And we will always work with all industry partners to help grow work opportunities in our jurisdiction.

If you have thoughts or comments on how we can better serve our membership and build the BC film, TV and digital media industry, I would love to hear from you.

In Solidarity,

Alvin Sanders
President, UBCP/ACTRA


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