Action Design . Stunt Coordinator . Cover Stunt Coordinator . Fight Choreographer . Previs Editor

Height: 5’8 (172cm)
Weight: 170lbs (77kg)
Pant: 32 x 31
Jacket: 42
Neck: 16.5
Shoe: 9
Hat: 7.5


2nd Degree Black Belt – Kuk Sool Won & Hapkido [Korean Martial Arts Centre] (’92-‘98)
1st Degree Black Belt – Tae Kwon Do [Apex Martial Centre](’96-’98)
Professional Dancer – Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Breakdance [Canadian Dance Company] (’01-’05)
Advanced Open Water Diver [PADI](’07-present)
High Angle Rig and Rescue [Seneca College] (’08)
Stunt Driving [Jamie Jones and Rick Pierce] (’07 & ’09)
Motorcycle – Dirt and Street [Jamie Jones and Humber College] (’07)
Acting [Act Vancouver] (’09-present)
Intermediate Acrobatics and Partnering [University of Toronto Cheerleading Team] (’98)
Quadrapeding with Arm Extensions [Terry Notary] (’10)

EDUCATION: University of Toronto [Howard Ferguson Scholarship]: Business Administration and Commerce Program (’98-‘01)

Outstanding Achievements

  • Won Best High Work 2010
    Taurus World Stunt Awards
  • Nominated Hardest Hit 2010
    Taurus World Stunt Awards

Featured Projects

  • TOXIN 3D [feature]
    ACTION DESIGN: Brought zombie action to the 3rd dimension of film making. 2nd Unit Directed, Stunt Coordinated and Fight Choreographed.
    STUNT TEAM: Trained with Terry Notary to master ape, chimpanzee and gorilla movements. Performed ND Ape movements and stunts that were captured by the WETA digital team.
    STUNT COORDINATOR: The next incarnation of the long lived franchise. It was a new experience building action in an almost completely CGI world.
  • RED [feature]
    STUNT TEAM: Created previs action, cover stunt coordinated and organized schedule for Stunt Coordinators Paul Jennings and Jamie Jones. Worked with Helen Mirren, Morgan Friedman, Richard Dreyfuss and Bruce Willis.
    ACTION DESIGN: Worked closely with directors Mitch Klebanoff and Kelly Sandefur. Trained David Hasslehoff, Peter Gallagher and Lucas Grabeel for fight sequences. Directed action sequences.
  • COVERT AFFAIRS [pilot]
    FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY AND PREVIS: Trained Piper Perabo and prevised action for 2nd Unit Director Artie Malesci.
  • PUSH [feature]
    STUNT TEAM: Prepped stunts for finale action sequences in Hong Kong. Performed stunt which won a 2010 Taurus World Stunt Award.
  • 300 [feature]
    STUNT TEAM: Assisted in cast training and fight preparation. Played Persian and Immortal soldiers in battle sequences.

Additional Skills

  • EXTREMELY EFFICIENT DIGITAL VIDEO EDITOR Specializing in assisting and creating action design [All essential equipment provided – Filming speeds up to 300fps]
  • SCRIPT BREAKDOWN AND BUDGETING Thorough script review and breakdown presented in organized, efficient and easy to edit Excel Spreadsheets
  • FIGHT AND MOVEMENT TRAINING FOR CAST Martial Arts, Parkour/ Freerunning, Wire Work and Fight Reactions [David HasselHoff, Piper Perabo, Anthony Head, Xzibit…]
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