Action Design

Action Design is the integration of our action services. Our Design Teams help filmmakers bring their action concepts into reality.



Films productions like Final Destination 5, Twilight: New Moon and Night at the Museum have used this service to save time on expensive shooting days. It provides producers and directors with invaluable information so that they can trouble-shoot before the actual day of shooting.


1) CONCEPT MEETING: Discuss details of action
2) PREVIS: Previs team designs action sequences
3) PRESENTATION MEETING: Present Previs and discuss action
4) PREVIS REVISIONS: Revise based on feedback and submit for final approval
5) DISTRIBUTE TO HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS: (via secure email) make final preparations

This benefits of Action Design:
*Aligns vision of Department Heads
*Promotes Inter-Departmental problem solving
*Reduces wasted time on shooting days
*Safer approach to achieving exciting action

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