About Our Membership

Stunts Canada is comprised of a collection of some of the world’s most outstanding Stunt Performers, Stunt Riggers, Stunt Coordinators and 2nd Unit Directors. Bringing together world-class athletes and performers from a diverse variety of disciplines, Stunts Canada represents over four decades of excellence.

Our members have been recognized for their achievements by the Taurus World Stunt Awards, Leo Awards, Guinness Book of World Records, and the prestigious Academy of Motion Pictures Arts (Oscars) and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys).

The Team


  • Alex Green
    The legend and founder of Stunts Canada Alex Green

    Legacy Members

    • John Dodds
      John Dodds was born and raised in Ponoka, Alberta. He began his rodeo career at the age of nine [more...]
    • George Josef
      George Josef started in the business at the age of eleven, when he was offered the role of “Arturo” [more...]
    • Trish Schill
      A member since 2000, Trish was one of the first full time working stunt women in Vancouver [more...]
    • Fiona Roeske
      Being a stunt person was the best job one could ever ask for. I spent my days getting dressed up [more...]


    Honorary Members

    Jackie Chan, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Loren Janes are just a few of the names that grace the Honorary Membership list.

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